Gospel Green

Gospel Green - English Cyder - 1.5l


"The Original English Sparkling"

Sussex may be better known these days for its English sparkling wine, but the locals still know how to craft a mean drop of cider. This one could pass for a bottle of British bubbly but make no mistake, it’s 100% appley goodness. It boasts delicate bubbles and a clean, dry flavour on the palate. On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing quite like a good cider. This particular cyder is not just good, though – it’s very good!


100% Apples


Forget the big beer garden brands and savour this one with friends under the summer sun. It’s also great as an aperitif in place of Champagne.




Gospel Green produces what it affectionately calls a “Champagne Cyder”. The Champagne connection is clear, as the cider itself is produced using the Champenois “traditional method”. Nonetheless, this is authentic English country fare: The fruit is sourced from the Blackmoor estate and this is cider through and through.

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