The Magnum Company is the home of quality wines, champagnes and spirits. Firmly believing that quality and quantity should not be mutually exclusive concepts, The Magnum Company seeks to ensure that enthusiasts enjoy the latest and greatest drinks on the market.

The story of The Magnum Company began with two friends, George and Edward, in the humble surroundings of a small west London flat. Musing that the magnum format was vastly underutilised, Edward – the owner of said homestead – began ordering these drinks to trade with friends. The orders started to flow, and a sideline became a business interest. Before long, the flat was simply not big enough to hold all the requested stock.

Edward decided it was time to move to the other side and spend more time opening the magnums rather than selling them and has since moved on from The Magnum Company. George has continued to grow the business, though, bringing aboard an ever-increasing team of experts. From sommeliers to investors, The Magnum Company is continuing to expand. The result is a successful business with a focus on corporate gifting and direct consumer interaction alike.   



Specialising in magnums as a purveyor of wines may seem like we're making life needlessly difficult for ourselves. After all, the humble bottle has long been held up as the gold standard for servings. The size of a standard wine bottle encompasses the lung capacity of the average glassblower. In the 21st Century, however, there's always capacity for something more.

This is where a magnum comes into its own. With magnums doubling the size of a wine bottle, that's twice the fun for half the corkscrew labour. Magnums are also astonishing on the eye. Watch the jaws of your guests drop when you pull a magnum from an ice bucket.

Magnums can turn a dinner parties into the must-attend social events of the season, ensuring you're considered the perfect host. Equally importantly, magnums help the contents age at an appropriate pace, ensuring that you can enjoy fine wines the way they were intended.



Environmental concerns have never been more critical, and The Magnum Company is determined to play our part. We are dedicated to maintaining a sustainable future and ensure that our packaging reflects.

It may appear that our magnums are delivered wrapped in plastics, but they're actually Airsac® material. This is constructed from low density, recyclable Polyethylene. The Airsac® can be deflated and placed in household recycling - or even re-used.