Domaine Fouassier

Domaine Fouassier 'Les Grands Champs' 2019, Sancerre, France - 1.5l


Few white wines strike the immaculate balance of striking aroma and delicate taste as this Sauvignon blanc. The bold aroma of lemon and citrus will create an immediate impact upon popping the cork of Domaine Fouassier, though this is tempered by an appealing hint of butter. Upon the palate, this wine truly bursts into life. The finish is crisp and refreshing, bringing to mind a summer's day surrounded by recently-trimmed grass cuttings. This complemented - and enhanced - by a fruity gooseberry flavour, paired with the merest suggestion of a twist of lime. Truly a classic Sauvignon blanc that is sure to please any enthusiast.


  • Sauvignon Blanc


Thanks for the distinctive, crisp taste of this wine, it can comfortable be consumed alone. However, the light and citrus-hinted finish also pairs exceptionally well with white fish or rich goat's cheese. Embrace the best of both worlds by applying a thick and creamy sauce to a fish dish to truly bring out the unique charms of this wine.


The Sancerre region is intrinsically linked with the harvesting of Sauvignon blanc grapes, and the Fouassier family are arguably the most celebrated clan of the territory. Survivors of the 19th Century phylloxera epidemic that decimated the region, the Fouassiers have retained their family business ever since. At present, Jean-Michel and Pierre form the fraternity at the head of the family, ably assisted by their sons Paul and Benoit. Domaine Fouassier is not simply a historical house, however. This vineyard looks to the future, achieving organic certification for their products and becoming one of just three biodynamic vineyards in Sancerre.


Biodynamic. Vegan.

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