Château Léoube

Château Léoube Rosé 2019, Provence, France - 1.5l


Many wines are first enjoyed with the nose. If this applies to your personal preferences, prepare to enter aromatic heaven with Rosé Château Léoube; unmistakable scents of strawberry and watermelon delight the senses from the moment the cork is popped. Thankfully, this first impression is matched and maintained by the delightful flavour of this rosé. Refreshing and oh-so-easy to drink, you'll find the bottle empty before you even notice that you have refilled your glass. The aforementioned fruity sensation is tempered by a pinch of black pepper, liquorice and a herby quality that ensures Rosé Château Léoube lingers as long in the memory as it does on the taste buds. This is a wine that will see afternoon turn to evening in the most decadent and relaxing manner possible.


  • Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvèdre


The complexity of Rosé Château Léoube works to its credit, affording significant versatility in pairings. In addition to the traditional matching of fish and seafood, this wine is a natural bedfellow for the spicy recipes of the East, in addition to grilled vegetables, white meat and salads. Do not despair if you lack an appetite, though. The drinkability of Rosé Château Léoube ensures that it can also be effortlessly enjoyed as an aperitif.




Château Léoube prides itself on its organic and ecological credentials, working tireless to ensure sustainability without sacrificing quality or flavour in its produce. The vineyard is located in Provence, within view of Saint Tropez, and covers 560 hectares - some 70 of which are the solve reserve of vines. Owned by the Bamford family of Britain's own shores, Château Léoube underwent a conversation process in 1998 to ensure a redevelopment that eschewed any use of artificial chemicals. This approach to organic farming is paired with modern techniques within the vineyard's cellar to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the excellent wines that emerge from this charming and unique locale.

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