Absolut Elyx Vodka, Sweden - 1.5l


Absolut have long brought a touch of finesse to vodka, though this Swedish production house is arguably best known for their flavoured offerings. Elyx is a step into the luxury market for Absolut, distilled by hand in a copper still. The result is an eminently drinkable offering that will delight even the most ardent vodka cynic. Opening the bottle unleashes a clean and rich scent, combing hints of freshly baked bread, spice and white chocolate. On the palate, Elyx is akin to liquid silk. Macadamia nuts, creamy cereal, and butter are all present and balanced to perfection. These give way to a warming finish.


As a smooth and silky drinking experience, this vodka is best enjoyed neat with a large, solitary ice cube or as the base ingredient of a decadent Vodka Martini. It can also accompany caviar, canapés and any form of smoked meat - a common pairing in the Eastern Bloc.


Absolut operate from Stockholm, but made their name in New York. The Big Apple was the first city to enjoy Absolut's classic vodka range in 1979, with the recipe rapidly capturing the imagination of spirit enthusiasts throughout the world. Absolut use entirely natural ingredients in their vodka production, primarily water and winter wheat, and eschew the addition of sugar. The journey to perfecting their vodka recipe began in 1879, when Lars Olsson Smith begin distilling his vodka an infinite number of times. Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength and become a global powerhouse.

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