Pommery Brut Royal NV Magnum

Many wine enthusiasts hail Pommery for their flagship Cuvée Louise, but never sleep on the classic Brut Royal. This champagne is a constant award winner, largely thanks to the delicate balance of taste and aroma. Blended from an equal measure of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes, this champagne offers a sharp, citrus-centric taste with a strong, cleaning after taste of lemon. Coupled with a fruity aroma that brings to mind melons and apples, Pommery Brut Royal is crisp and tantalising champagne, perfect for wedding catering and other celebratory occasions.  


  • Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier


Light and refreshing, and offering hints of fruit, Pommery Brut Royal makes a great aperitif. You can also pair with champagne with fresh seafood, or small bites such as canapés. Open a bottle on the beach, and let all your thoughts and worries melt away.




Pommery has long been considered a standard-bearer for champagne production. This house sources its grapes from a range of villages through the Champagne region, ensuring that a temperate climate enlivens the core ingredients. Pommery changed the face of champagne by placing particular emphasis on Chardonnay grapes, bringing a dry and fruity finesse to a drink that previously endured a reputation for excessive sweetness.

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