Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon 2010, Champagne, France - 1.5l


If you're unfamiliar with the charms of Don Pérignon, we envy you - a world of discovery awaits. Thankfully for the rest of us, this world famous vineyard continues to astonish. The 2010 vintage, for example, was a particularly strong year. Ready to be enjoyed today with no need for further ageing, this bottle offers everything you would expect and cherish - with greater balance than previous years. The nose is primarily smoky, tempered by mandarin orange. This aroma is enough to get the mouth watering, and the palate will not be disappointed - a ripe, dry acidity - most notably with hints of pineapple and crisp apple - makes way for a smooth, creamy finish. Truly, the 2010 Dom must be sampled to be believed.


  • Pinot Noir and Chardonnay


Any Dom Pérignon can be enjoyed alone, especially the distinct 2010 vintage, but this champagne also makes a delightful pairing with rich, fatty foods and heavily smoked meats.


As a vineyard, Dom Pérignon surely needs no introduction. Founded by a monk of the same name in the 17th Century, the first Dom Pérignon champagne was released for sale in 1936. Ever since, this house has earned a reputation as the go-to champagne of the great and the good, with 2010 a particularly outstanding year. The weather throughout the growing season was considerably more changeable than the rest of the decade, ensuring that the grapes plucked at harvest were bolder, more balanced and bursting with ripeness, while the vines that hosted them were in better condition than ever before.


Conventional. Vegan.

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