The Magnum Company offers a hassle free method of saying thank you to those who have helped you throughout the year. Our selection of wines, Champagnes and spirits are certain to leave their recipient breathless. A magnum is the perfect way to thank a client, colleague or associate, ensuring that your gift will live long in the memory.

We will work with you to ensure that your gift conveys the perfect message. Our magnums can be hosted in artisan wooden boxes applying an additional wow factor to the presentation. If you'd like your corporate logo or a special message added to this box, ensuring that your recipient never forgets who made their day in such spectacular fashion, this can also be arranged. Lastly, we will make sure your gift is delivered to their door on the date you choose. 

Here at The Magnum Company, we like to make life as simple as possible. That's why we work tirelessly to take the hassle out of corporate gifting. If you need a little advice on what to provide as a gift, drop us a line - our friendly team will be delighted to share the extent of our experience.


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