Lockdown Liquor & Co.

Cuban Toddy - 1.5l


The best winter cocktails can be enjoyed hot or cold, and that's certainly the case with the Cuban Toddy. Using spiced rum as a base, blended with ginger for an additional kick, you can pour this pre-mix over the rocks or heat it up to warm your cockles. The presence of tea, meanwhile, balances this heat with a little sweetness. Sprinkle grated nutmeg into the top of the glass to maximise the impact of the ingredients and ensure that you're filled with festive cheer.


  • Spiced rum, ginger cordial, agave nectar, rooibos & turmeric tea blend


Designed to appeal to anybody feeling festive, enjoy this cocktail at a Christmas gathering over similarly themed snacks


Positives were hard to find in the lockdown of 2020, but the forming of Lockdown Liquor & Co. was one of them. Launched in London by Jack and Natasha Durling, the business specialises in expertly pre-mixed cocktails that only use the very finest ingredients to create astonishing blends and flavours. Starting out as recommendations over Zoom calls for an established business, Lockdown Liquor & Co. has grown in stature. This benefits everybody - all profits result in philanthropic donations to health charities, including the NHS, with a particular emphasis on COVID-related complications.

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