John Leacocks

Leacock's 'Tinta Negra' 1995, Madeira, Portugal - 1.5l


The best wine is more than just a drink; it's an experience. That certainly applies to this Leacocks Madeira wine, which is aged to perfection before being bottled in 2016, now finally available for purchase and housed in a stylish gift box. If 1995 was a vintage year in the life of somebody special, this makes the optimum memorial of this period. The scent is one of orange peel with a hint of smoked hickory. The taste itself is bold and surprisingly complex, contrasting the overriding sweetness with a hint of bitterness and astringency coupled with a pleasing nuttiness. With a warm and spicy finish and aftertaste, this is an ideal wine for drinking immediately or storing for further maturation.


  • Tinta Negra Doce


A rich and sweet wine, this is best enjoyed as a dessert or post-dinner, though it can also be sipped independently by anybody with a sweet tooth. There is an element of versatility to Madeira wine, however. This vintage can also accompany seafood and smoked red meats.


John Leacock was an apprentice to a reputable 18th century Madeira producer, but harboured ambitions of his own. Partnering up with John Patient, a schoolfriend and fellow connoisseur, Leacocks Madeira was formed in the city of Charlestown, South Carolina, in 1760. The business remained in the Leacock family right until 1925, when the company was united with Miles and Cossart Gordon Madeiras under the banner of the Madeira Wine Company. Thankfully, the unmistakable quality and production techniques of this celebrated wine merchant remain exemplary.


Conventional. Vegan.

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