The Magnum Company

The Magnum Company sells wine, spirits and champagne by the magnum and was founded by two friends.

Five years ago, Edward started selling magnums to his friends and family from his small south west London flat. Fast forward to 2017 and Edward's hallway was just too small to hold all the magnums that his friends were taking. George, having bought copious amount of magnums, decided that more people need to indulge in a magnum or two and The Magnum Company was born. The offering and selection have grown and not only includes the wonderful wines and champagnes but also cider, gin, port and other such liquids by the magnum.

For us, the magnum format is under-utilised. We want to change that. Nothing looks better than producing a couple of magnums when hosting a dinner party, or giving a magnum as a glorious present. Our single aim is to make magnums easy to order, affordable and enjoyable.


The humble wine bottle is a staple of shop shelves and restaurant tables. It’s a universally-accepted format with good and practical reason – the volume of a wine bottle is the same as an average man’s lung capacity, enabling glass blowers to blow one bottle in a single breath. Sometimes, however, the classic wine bottle just feels…inadequate. 

A magnum goes twice as far as your humble bottle, so you only need to use the corkscrew half as much. Magnums make a statement that a bottle simply cannot: double the size, double the fun. A well-chosen magnum transforms a get-together into a gathering, and then from a gathering into a party and a party into…well, you get the idea. There’s something inherently eye-catching and head-turning about the magnum, the quintessential party conversation piece. Magnums are vinous supermodels, ready, willing and able to strut their stuff. Their catwalk is the dinner table, the kitchen countertop and, eventually, the recycling.  The magnum format also happens to be widely accepted as the optimal size for fine wines to mature gracefully and evenly, so there’s that, too – but who’s interested in practicality?

Don’t believe use, take it from one of the greatest people to have been born on our shores, then. Sir Winston Churchill said that “a magnum is the perfect size for two gentlemen to share over lunch...especially if one of them isn't drinking”.