When choosing a drink to define the Great British Summer, many will gravitate toward Pimms. Far be it from us to question the wisdom of such a selection. Half a million tennis enthusiasts inside The All England Club and on Murray Mound during Wimbledon cannot be wrong. All the same, we'd like to state a case for rosé.

A fine rosé epitomises the gentle caress of the sun's rays on a relaxing day. With the right glass in your hand, anything seems possible and the summer seems endless. If there is a fault with rosé during the peak of the season, it's that one glass is simply never enough. Naturally, this issue is easily resolved by investing in a magnum of fine wine – of which you'll find a vast selection on this very website.

Arguably the greatest strength of rosé wine is its versatility. A fine selection, such as Whispering Angel, Miraval or AIX, will match almost any food pairing. Whether barbecuing on a terrace or tucking into a picnic salad, rosé will bring a touch of class and decadence to your outdoor activity.

Rosé is perfect for the summer months due its light, refreshing and subtle flavour. A good rosé entices the eye as much as the palate, with a striking blush shade. This aesthetic admiration is paired with irresistible taste, with rosé typically blending delicate notes of fruit, spice and wood with a creamy finish. The aftertaste of wine is as pivotal as the initial impression, and good rosé will longer on the taste buds.

If you are interested in investigating a new taste sensation this summer, investigate our range of magnums and mini magnums. You'll be the envy of your social group, and widely praised for your exemplary tastes and standards.

It's true that fine wine can be enjoyed all year around, and rosé is not reliant upon resplendent weather to share its qualities. The sun shines so fleetingly on our green and pleasant land, however. Enjoying an appropriate vintage ensures that you'll maximise the pleasure of such a season.