Miraval - The official wine of Hollywood royalty

Who: None other than superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Lucky for us, they made the wise decision to team up with one of the great winemaking families of the Rhône Valley - the Perrins of Château de Beaucastel. Château Miraval was thus born in 2012.
What: We are in the ancient town of Correns, in the heartland of Provence. It is the first village in France to be fully certified organic and is a wild array of woodlands, olive groves, garrigue herbs and vines. The Miraval estate is distinguished by its rocky terraced vineyards that sit at 350 metres above sea level. Here, the grapes lounge in the Provençal sun all day, before being whipped up by the refreshingly cold nights. Aside from utterly perfect growing conditions, the location is beyond breathtaking... As Berry Brothers notes, “The property is, if you forgive the hyperbole, pretty much as close to paradise as it is possible to be..”. We can raise a glass (or two) to that.

The Wine: This wine is all about fresh delicacy and a distinct minerality. As such, the grapes (a mix of Grenache, Cinsault, Rolle - the French name for Vermentino - and Syrah) are picked at first light - when they are coldest, before being gently pressed and put into steel tanks to retain all that zingy purity and fresh fruit flavours.

Why I love it: Whilst the marriage of Brad and Ange didn’t quite work out, I am very thankful for the fruits of their labours! Their names could have sold this wine alone, but instead, with the fastidious work of the Perrin family, they have truly created one of Provence’s great châteaux. And whilst we can’t be there in person, a magnum of this and you will almost smell the wild Provençal herbs, hear the hum of the crickets and feel the baking earth beneath your feet...