Cider, when consumed in substantial quantities, can have a dubious reputation. It's sometimes tricky to shake the image of three-litre plastic bottles from the local corner shop, which have allowed generations of impoverished students to make questionable decisions on an agreeable budget.

Banish such associations from your mind, however. The mainstream has embraced premium-quality sparking cider as a celebratory tipple, and many occasions are being marked with a magnum. Manufacturers are now producing sparkling apple- and pear-based ciders fit for all audiences.

This provides an alternative to traditional wines and champagnes, without sacrificing any of the elegance. If you really want to push your luck, you could even claim that your magnum of sparkling cider contributes to your five-a-day!

Gospel Green is the brand most synonymous with sparkling cider, and for good reason. Brewed from fresh apples plucked straight from the trees of Hampshire's Blackmoor Estate, the manufacturer's Brut Vintage Cyder is a refreshing treat for any summer's day. Whilst it's unmistakably cider, this product contains a delicious hint of elderflower to truly tickle the palate.

Sparkling cider can and should be served in exactly the same way as wine or champagne. The magnum should be stored in a cool place until ready to be enjoyed, and from there served from an ice bucket into flutes or small glasses. Whether acting as an aperitif or a celebratory toast, sparkling cider is something that all guests at an occasion can enjoy!