Bodegas Frontonio

Bodegas Frontonio 'Botijo Rojo' 2018, Aragon, Spain - 1.5l


If you're keen on a fruity red wine experience, you're in the right place. Made from 100% garnacha grapes, Botijo Rojo explodes upon the nose and palate alike with sensations of cherry, raspberry and strawberry, tempered with a hint of smoke, pepper and vanilla . Do not expect this fruit to create a cloying, sweet taste, however; this red slides toward the drier end of the scale. The body is comparatively smooth, while the finish lingers for some time. Botijo Rojo is not the most subtle red in our range, but it's certainly among the most distinctive.


  • Garnacha


A perfect red to pair with a rich, meaty stew. Enjoy this wine with beef, game or lamb, though it can also match with pasta and poultry


The vineyards of Bodegas Frontonio date back to the 19th Century, located throughout the Valdejalón region of Zaragoza's Basque country. Here, the grapes are exposed to a unique wind, known to locals as the Cierzo, and limited rainfall throughout the year. Once grapes are harvested, wines are left to age in a cave located three levels below ground. The impact of gravity, in addition to the ideal humidity settings, ensure that any product of Bodegas Frontonio ages considerably faster than a potential rival.


Organic. Vegan.

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