Yalumba Organic Viognier 2018 75cl


Finding a palatable wine can be a challenge for vegans, due to the production processes used in most traditional vineyards. Yalumba is answer to the prayers of any vegan vino enthusiast, pairing fully organic product with a taste certain to satisfy. Open this bottle and the aroma will transport you to the sun-kissed surroundings of South Australia, pairing a light floral scent with fruity notes of apricot and peach. Pour yourself a glass and the decadence continues; Yalumba is a full-bodied and silky white wine, making the most of the flavour-packed Viognier grapes. A hint of spice on the finish completes a wholly agreeable experience, perfect for a summer's day.


  • Viognier


As an Australian wine, it's tempting to suggest that Yalumba is enjoyed on a terrace while sharing a BBQ. Set aside cultural stereotypes, however, and you'll find that this wine is a great accompaniment to almost any food, especially lighter dishes. The floral and silky taste sensation is a natural accompaniment to seafood (one might say that you could throw another shrimp on the barbie), but it is also a wonderful pairing with herb-garnished pasta or spicy Asian cuisine.




Yalumba are dedicated to the art of sustainable winemaking, without sacrificing quality in the final product. Located in Loxton, just alongside the Murray River east of Adelaide, the Barich family have allowed unspoiled natural landscapes to grow enviable Viognier grapes. The ground is planted with indigenous yeast and little intervention from human hands follows. The grapes are grown through the conclusion of the antipodean winter and into the green shoots of summer, allowing for a full and ripe flavour. From here, a fully organic and environmentally sound production process produces a wine as palatable as it is principled.

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