Domaine de Triennes

Domaine de Triennes Rosé 2021, Provence, France - 1.5l


A fine rosé is best enjoyed in a sun-kissed afternoon, and few wines capture the simple pleasures of a summer’s day better than Triennes. The nose offers a rich bouquet of fresh strawberries, watermelon and grapefruit with a pinch of vanilla, delighting the senses before a glass has even been poured. These sensations linger, alongside hints of mineral and citrus, for a deeply refreshing acidity. Pale and delicate on the palate, this is the perfect accompaniment for a picnic - or simply to drunk alone to celebrate the sunshine.


  • Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault


Triennes is eminently drinkable alone, but it also pairs perfectly with savoury picnic foods, most notably cold cuts and sushi.


Located in Provence, Domaine de Triennes is the result of three great winemakers joining forces. Jacques Seysses, Aubert de Villaine and Michel Macaux were investigating potential vineyards when they struck gold with Triennes. Originally named Domaine du Logis de Nans, the moniker was later amended to pay tribute to the Romain festival of Triennia. The trinity replanted all vines within the vineyard, undertaking wholly organic production techniques. To this day, the grapes of Domaine de Triennes are plucked in the cool conditions of darkness, ensuring maximum freshness.


Organic. Vegan.

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