Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage Port 2017, Douro, Portugal - 1.5l


As Taylor's will only harvest grapes from years declared vintage, any bottle comes with an automatic seal of quality. 2017 was a particularly outstanding year, though, ensuring a unique and welcome experience for port enthusiasts and novices alike. The growing season was dry but temperate, ensuring early bloom, strong colours and sweet, juicy grapes. Initially dark and intense, this full-bodied port is soon lightened by hints of vanilla, plum, blueberry and just a pinch of spice. At the time of writing, the port is already an astounding addition to any cellar or cabinet. As it matures, it will grow even more impressive.


  • Tinta Roriz, Touriga Francêsca, Tinta Barroca, Touriga Nacional


Cheese has always been, and will surely remain, the optimum pairing for a quality port. Consider using this vintage as an aperitif though, especially alongside light bites such as almonds or olives.


The Taylor family has been innovating the field of port since 1692, with the 2017 vintage the latest in a long line of astonishing options. Located throughout Portugal but with a particular presence in the Douro valley, Taylor's work tirelessly to ensure sustainable and ethical viticulture, showing as little compromise in their mission for ecologically sound production as they do in product quality control. An institution in Portugal, the Taylor's vineyard is equal parts tourist attraction and home to some of the greatest wines in the Iberian peninsula.

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