Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage Port 2017, Douro, Portugal - 1.5l


Most port enthusiasts will already be familiar with the unique charms of Taylor's. If you think you have tasted Taylor's, however, you are still in for a treat - the 2017 vintage is even better than the years of yore. Extended fermentation means that this port boasts a delicious intensity on the nose, bursting with fruit. This is complemented by a dense and complex flavour on the palate, without sacrificing the freshness associated with this celebrated brand. Ready to be enjoyed straight from the bottle, and best enjoyed at a temperature of 16 degrees, the 2017 Taylor's port must be sampled to be believed.


No matter what food you may have enjoyed, you should always leave room for a generous serving of this port. It is the perfect way to conclude any meal, though it's particularly impactful when paired with a cheese board or chocolate dessert.


Taylor's has long been a leading light in the realm of port, but this superior manufacturer have excelled themselves with the 2016 vintage. Unique weather patterns were observed through Portugal during the growth of the grapes for this port, including an unseasonably wet and cool spring. This rectified drought conditions of the previous year, before a late and hot summer which led to fine maturation. The upshot is that the 2017 vintage of Taylor's port was created from grapes plucked later in the than usual, leading to extended fermentation time. While Taylor's is a byword for quality port, the 2017 vintage takes this to another level.

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