Taylor's Vintage Port 1985, Douro, Portugal - 1.5l


Do you know the Bishop of Norwich? This man of the cloth famously forgot to pass the port at dining occasions, opting instead to fall asleep. We're confident that you have better table manners than the Bishop, but you'll still be reluctant and pass and share this astonishing port thanks to the astonishing impact it will have on your palate. Aged to perfection, this port provides a smooth taste sensation with ripe, full-bodied fruit blended with just a hint of spice. The finish and aftertaste are warm and lasting, while the scent of hazelnuts, liquorice and butterscotch combine to create a hugely appealing vintage.


Cheese is widely considered to be the perfect accompaniment for a vintage port. As your wine is aged to perfection, it's best to choose a cheese to match. Mature blue cheese makes a great pairing for this magnum, ensuring a decadent and delicious dessert following a meal. There are a vast repertoire of similar cheeses that match up well with this port however, including Gorgonzola, Roquefort, Saint Agurand Cashel.




Vila Nova de Gaia offers picturesque sandy beaches and great fishing opportunities, but the municipality is best known for its port. Taylor's are among the premier producers in the region, owning three separate estates, and their own cellars acting as both tourist attractions and the birthplace of astonishing port. Taylor's have been in operation since the 17th century, and their vineyard has recently been modernised and renovated. Naturally, the classic and traditional taste of has been retained. The manufacturers simply call upon cutting edge techniques to ensure the greatest possible outcome.

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