Château d’Esclans

Château d’Esclans 'Rock Angel' Rosé 2020, Provence, France - 1.5l


Is it possible to improve upon the biggest selling rosé wine in the world? Château d’Esclans, the vineyard between Whispering Angel, clearly believe so. Rock Angel is a companion wine sure to delight just as much as its esteemed older sibling. Rich and packed with flavour, this rosé draws upon full-bodied red berries for its its primary flavour, despite its pale shade. There is an additional acidity to Rock Angel provided by a hint of pepper however, which ensures that the wine lingers on the tongue with a delightful aftertaste. Slightly more intense on the palate than Whispering Angel but every bit as memorable, Rock Angel is truly a wine for the rosé connoisseur.


  • Grenache and Rolle


Due to its full flavour, Rock Angel is a perfect aperitif for any social occasion. It can also be paired well with salads however, and works equally well with fish or other seafoods - most notably lobster thermidor. Lightly grilled chicken can also bring out the best of this rosé.


Château d’Esclans is found at the historical epicentre of Provences, acting as the home to some of the finest aged grenache vines in the region. Due to the elevated position of the château, some of these vines date some 90 years, offering vastly superior flavour to younger counterparts. The vineyard itself dates back to the 12th Century, with the original cellar remaining intact to this very day. The vineyard has exchanged hands numerous times throughout its history, and is presently under the stewardship of Sacha Lichine, the maestro widely credited with the rapid growth in popularity of rosé in recent years.



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