Palacios Remondo

Rioja La Montesa Crianza, Palacios Remondo 2017 - 1.5l


The very embodiment of a perfectly balanced red, the 2017 La Montesa is equally bold and light, soft and acidic, smooth and tannic, Even the finish is comparatively medium - it's unmistakable, but will not linger quite as long as some stronger wines, leaving the palate ready for its next sensation. Strawberry and cherry are the overriding tastes of this red, though these fruity components are balanced by oak, vanilla and tobacco to ensure the wine is not overpowering. If you're seeking an effortlessly appealing red for a dinner party that is likely to appeal to all guests, this rioja is the ideal choice. 


  • Garnacha


You cannot go wrong pairing this rioja with any red meat dish – beef, lamb, veal or venison are all ideal companions




Palacios Remondo was founded in 1945, and spent many early years dedicating efforts to improving the standing of Rioja Baja - often considered the red-haired stepchild of the Rioja region, best known for creating mass-produced wine that failed to live up to taste standards set by competitors. Renaming the region as Rioja Oriental, and releasing a wide range of fine produce, has achieved this aim. Specialising in Garnacha, grapes under the Palacios Remondo banner are organically grown at high altitudes and aged in 2,000-litre vats. The result is range of astounding wines that have rightly captured the imagination of enthusiasts across the globe.

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