Finca Allende

Finca Allende 2015, Rioja, Spain - 1.5l


Sometimes it's enjoyable to sample a white wine that makes a powerful statement. That's the case with Rioja Blanco, which offers a bold and dry taste whole remaining appealingly dry and refreshing. The nose is heavy on zesty citrus fruit and apple, while the palate blends these sensations with peach, vanilla, butter and coconut - with more than a pinch of oak. Rioja Blanco is not the most complex of white wines, but it's a fine choice for anybody seeking an eminently drinkable vintage for a summer's day, especially when paired with a range of light bites and appetising snacks.


  • Viura and Malvasia


A smooth and refreshing white, pair this wine with shellfish, seafood, cured meats or snacks and appetisers




You'll find the Finca Allende estate in Briones - located in the hills of Rioja Alta. As "Allende" loosely translates as "further", this gives an indication as to the mission statement of this vineyard. Owned and operated by Mercedes and Miguel Angel de Gregorio, a wine-loving sister-and-brother business team, Finca Allende are always seeking perfection. Covering 22 hectares in Briones, Finca Allende blends traditional grape tending an growth with modern technology to create the ultimate wine experience.

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