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Penfolds, St Henri Shiraz


St. Henri is an institution in Australian red wine, having been commercially available since the late 1950s. The last two decades have seen Penfolds perfect the blend of this red, applying a small pinch of cabernet to the overriding taste sensation of shiraz. The wine is deep and fruity, tasting wholly ripe, with a complex aroma that must be experienced to be believed. Tasting clean and fresh, but balanced with hints of salt and pepper to add finesse, St. Henri is a unique taste sensation that perfects an already winning formula. The 2014 vintage is ready to be enjoyed right now, but it must always be decanted first. Doing so will release the full range of flavours, and your patience will be more than rewarded.


  • Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon


Red meat is the ideal accompaniment for this red wine. Bring a little taste of Australia into your summer days by lightly frying cheeks of beef or a mouth-watering rare steak, served alongside roasted beetroot and baked sweet potatoes. 




Producing wine since the 19th Century in the vineyards of Adelaide and beyond, Penfolds is the first name that springs to mind when discussing Australian wine. The grapes used for St. Henri flourish during the country's winter rainfall, growing high in the hills of Adelaide, before the searing heat of the Aussie summer helps the grapes develop and grow in intensity. 

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