Bodegas Barbadillo 'Manzanilla Pasada En Rama Pastora' NV, Jerez, Spain - 1.5l


A good sherry is worth far more than simply keeping in the cupboard for Christmas. Barbadillo's Pasada En Rama is a treat all year around thanks to its smooth taste sensation. Golden in colour, this sherry massages the nose with an aroma of nuts, yeast and soothing chamomile upon opening. A deep, complex body keeps the sensation alive, especially when served lightly chilled. The finish gradually builds, climaxing with a warming sensation that leaves a heat in the chest and a salty sensation upon the lips. Truly a wonderful experience, at a higely appealing price point - rediscover your love affair with sherry.


  • Palomino Fino


Pass the salt, as this condiment will really complement this sherry. Whether its cured ham,  olives, vegetables, tapas or seafood, Pasada en Rama brings food to life


For most sherry enthusiasts, the Barbadillo family name is synonymous with this celebrated fortified wine. Based in Sanlucar de Barrameda, the Barbadillos have been creating sherry sine 1821. A family fortune earned in Mexico meant that a bodega in southwest Spain became available for sale. Pastora Devina followed in 1827 and the rest, as they say, is history. The family took on more and more properties as their reputation grew, capping at the dozen owned today - all of which operated by the seventh generation of the Barbadillo family. 



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