Anthonij Rupert

Anthonij Rupert 'Optima' 2017, Franschhoek, South Africa - 1.5l


This classic Bordeaux-blend offers up a deliciously complex range of taste sensations, ensuring that this is an effortlessly attention-grabbing red wine. Fruits and berries, including plum, raspberry, blackcurrant and cherry, compete with hints of tobacco, marzipan, oak and cinnamon for the attention of the nose and palate alike. These combinations make for an astounding experience, blessed with a long and lingering aftertaste that is sure to leave you seeking a top-up of your glass. Subtle is not among the words many would use to describe Optima, but it's undoubtedly a fine addition to any collection.


  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot


With such depth and richness, enjoy Optima with a hearty steak or lamb shoulder.


Anthonij Rupert founded the winery that bears his name in a L’Ormarins farm, found in Franschhoek - part of South Africa's Western Cape. Anthonij sadly passed away in 2003, but his brother Johann has since assumed control of the vineyard - evolving the growth and business models alike. The Anthonij Rupert winery is now a sprawling landmark in its famed territory, offering a wide array of different grapes. Traditional growth and treatment of grapes, typically located some 800 metres above sea level following extensive remodelling, are combined with state-of-the-art technology when fermenting and ageing. A long-standing reliance on Bordeaux-style wine is giving way to an approach built around SA's unique climate, ensuring that the Anthonij Rupert Wine Farm remains a name to watch. 



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