Chateau Montelena Chardonnay 2013, Napa Valley, USA - 1.5l


Napa Valley is an acquired taste for some, but enthusiasts should never look past the glorious offerings of Chateau Montelena. This 2013 vintage floods the nose with hints of citrus, lichee, stone and almond, before the palate provides a sensation of tropical fruit, honeysuckle and wildflower, naturally tempered by the oakiness that one would expect from a fine Chardonnay - though never quite as dry as some wines of this family. An effortlessly smooth white that lacks excess acidity or unwelcome weight, this is a fine magnum to share over lunch or dinner. 


  • Chardonnay


This wine can definitely withstand some powerful flavours - think barbecued chicken, pork cutlets and robust cheeses.



Many vineyards have long and illustrious histories, but for Chateau Montelena the story really begins in 1976. In was in this year that the vineyard placed top on the Judgement of Paris, conquering countless native French burgundies. This was unheard of for an American producer, and it placed this Californian estate firmly on the map. Owned by the Barrett family, Chateau Montelena keeps things simple, believing that the terrain and climate of the Napa Valley does most the hard work in creating a perfect wine and thus gets involved as little as possible. Based on the quality of Chateau Montelena's produce, it's hard to disagree.


Sustainable. Vegan.

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