Maxime Magnon

Maxime Magnon 'Campagnès' Corbières 2019, Languedoc-Roussillon, France - 1.5L


Wine can be intimidating, especially when sharing with a non-enthusiast. Campagnès Corbières is the perfect choice to sway the thought process of a vinoskeptic, offering an effortless drinkable combination of dark berries, leather, vanilla and plump, blushing red fruits. Dry and spicy on the palate, this wine is just as appealing now as it will surely be in multiple years. Sometimes, there is a lot to be said for eschewing excessive complication in favour of approachability. Thankfully, this vintage offers both. There is plenty to enjoy here, whether you're a seasoned veteran or curious beginner.


  • Carignan


Veal, beef and pasta are all fine companions for this red wine. Remember, this is a fine choice for wine novices, making it ideal for a dinner party - especially if serving a distinctive, gamey dish such as venison or veal.


Maxime Magnon relocated from Burgundy to Montpellier for economic reasons, but his production techniques and produce are anything but cost-cutting. Adopting a natural approach to winemaking - anything produced under the Maxime Magnon banner is certified organic - the biodynamic practices ensure an unmistakable taste sensation. Growing grapes at ever-heightened altitudes to ensure quality, Maxime Magnon is a name to note. Despite already making a substantial splash in the realm of wine, this is certain to be a moniker that dominates future conversation among the sommelier community.


Organic. Vegan.

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