Louis Jadot

Beaune 1er Cru, Celebration Louis Jadot - 2018


From the moment this wine and uncorked and the nose is treated to a rich aroma of plums, cherries, and sweet berries - tempered by a hint of toasted oak - it's clear that Louis Jadot's 2018 vintage is something special. Perfectly mature for enjoying now, especially when lightly chilled, though equally suitable for storage, this Burgandy blends a deep, full body with a layered selection of fruity taste sensations sure to tickle the palate, all balanced by an appealing acidity and rich tannins. The overall sensation is one of liquid velvet, while the finish lingers and tightens long after the glass has been drained.


  • Pinot Noir


The smooth drinkability of this wine ensures that it’s a great companion for any meal. Soft cheese is also a natural bedfellow of the Beaune 1er Cru, though there’s really no need to pair anything at all. Such is the complexity of this young vintage that it remains luxurious when sipped alone.


Louis Jadot has been delighting wine lovers since 1859, earning a reputation and bona fide legends in the realm of Burgandy. The head winemaker, Jacques Lardiere, has held his post since 1970 and shows no sign of slowing down. This ensures that all vintages from this vineyard bear the same hallmarks of consistency, and an assuring seal of quality.

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