Glenmorangie Original - 1.5l


If youre the best-selling single malt whisky in Scotland, you’re clearly doing something right. One sip of this blissful whisky will confirm that Glenmorangie Original is indeed a special blend. Aged for ten years, this spirit creates the perfect blend of scent, flavour and finish. Opening the bottle will release aromas of fresh peach and a hint of vanilla. The whisky itself is smooth upon the palate, before an explosion of fruit provides a unique taste sensation. The aftertaste is crisp and refreshing, with subtle sensations lingering on the tongue.


  • Tarlogie Spring Water, Barley and Yeast


Best enjoyed neat, with or without ice, this whisky will provide a moment of personal bliss. If you prefer to incorporate a mixer, add a splash of mineral water, ginger ale or club soda. The  most important thing is to treat Glenmorangie as an experience. Whether sitting by a roaring fire on a winter’s night or staring into the sea on a summer evening, it’s the perfect tonic for a long and tiring day.




Glenmorangie have been distilling their legendary whisky in the Scottish Highlands since 1843. Boasting the tallest stills in Scotland, the distillery is based on a farm which allows access to a fresh, on-site spring water source that provides Glenmorangie whisky with its unique taste. Single-handedly enjoying a 6% of the single malt whisky market, Glenmorangie is a true industry powerhouse.

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