Dow’s 2003 Vintage Port - 1.5l


As 2003 was one of the hottest years on record in the Douro Valley, port that boasts this vintage is sure to enjoy a unique and appealing flavour. This offering from Dow's is no exception, with the intensity of the blackberries and grapes used in production unmistakable. This fruit is balanced out by a soft spice, and of course, just a pinch of bitter chocolate. The aftertaste is one of fresh black pepper that is sure to leave anybody seeking a top-up, thanks to the glorious balance provided by this vintage. While bursting with fruity flavours, this is a dry port, making it the perfect selection for anybody that finds traditional alternatives a little too sweet for their palate.


  • Touriga
  • Nacional
  • Touriga Franca


As a drier port than some, Dow's 2003 can be paired with more traditional meals - especially beef or game dishes. Naturally, though, it remains a fine dessert choice for any occasion, whether enjoyed alone or alongside cheese


Dow’s has been a household name in the Douro Valley since 1978. Having forged a lucrative and beneficial working relationship with the Symington family early in the 20th Century, Dow's sits alongside stablemates Graham, Warre and Cockburn as a family-owned and operated winemaker. With grapes hailing from Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira and Quinta do Bomfim, the vineyards have been recently renovated and restored to accommodate a range of modern technology. This machinery assists traditional harvesting and production techniques, including treading of grapes by foot, as part of a hands-on approach to wine creation.



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