Cortonesi 'La Mannella' 2016, Brunello di Montalcino, Italy - 1.5l


As befits an Italian product, Brunello La Mannella is a passionate wine that grabs the attention and refuses let go. The aroma is unmistakable once opened, with strong earthy undertones countered with rich fruit. Let the bottle to breathe for a moment to truly embrace this scent, then enjoy the immaculately balanced body of this red. It's undeniably dry, but any acidity is tempered by ripe blackberries, raspberries and cherries, alongside an unmistakable oak, mid-range tannins and more than a hint of leather. For such a young red there is plenty of love about Brunello La Mannella, the flavour defying the tender age of the contents of this bottle.


  • Sangiovese


Dry but well-balanced, this wine is a fine accompaniment to hearty red meat and game dishes


The tale of the Cortonesi vineyard as we know it began in the 1970s, when the family that bears the winery's name first purchased land in La Mannella. Covering 56 hectares, the territory of Cortonesi actually covers two vineyards - one just outside Montalcino, the other close to Castelnuovo dell’ Abate. Current owner and operator of the vineyard Tommaso Cortonesi discovered that these two territories - located north and south of central La Mannella - offered unique soil compositions, and by extension, differing grapes. As a result, rather than combining all Cortonesi produce into one wine, different grapes are used for each product - ensuring that unique care and quality is sampled in every sip.


Sustainable. Vegan.

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