DO Penedès

Alemany i Corrió 'Principia Mathematica' 2017, Penedès, Spain - 1.5l


Wow. This has an incredible golden yellow colour and a crazy nose with a range of fresh white fruits and apricots and a little nuttiness. In the mouth it’s bone dry and surprisingly round. There’s tongue-tingling acidity, though it’s beautifully balanced with a depth of flavour, again hitting the white fruit and apricot notes, and a very pleasant creamy, nutty finish.


  • 100% Xarel-lo


More substantial than your average white wine, this can stand up to a wider range of foods than most. As such you can get creative, and feel free to experiment. Think some Barcelona-style mixed tapas with little dishes of fried calamari, octopus and chorizo, and you won’t go too far wrong.




Inspired by their days as oenology students in Burgundy, Irene Alemany and Laurent Corrió founded Penedès’ first garage winery in 1999. The pair turned their backs on local tendencies towards high yields and chemical treatments, opting instead for a minimal intervention approach to let their 45-year-old vines do the talking in the glass. Principia Mathematica comes from a single vineyard of the indigenous Xarel-lo, perhaps best known as a blending component in Cava. Using indigenous yeasts, fermenting mostly in oak with some time on the lees, Principia Mathematica has something to say: It’s an honest and genuine expression of its terroir and it shows that Xarel-lo is a star in its own right!

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