The Magnum Company.

6 Month Membership


Are you looking to enhance your life with wine, champagne and sparkling cider magnums? Of course you are. After all, why else would you be here?

The good news is, The Magnum Company have you covered. With our subscription service, you will no longer need to drive to a supermarket or wine seller and take your chances on what's available on the shelves. By taking out a cost-effective subscription service, a handpicked Magnum will be delivered to your door once a month.

That's right. You can receive magnums without even leaving the house. Talk about living the dream.

6 Month Subscription

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life? Or perhaps you have build a cellar, and looking to fill those currently-empty shelves with fine vintages?

Whatever your reasoning, an fixed-term subscription to The Magnum Company will change the way your enjoy wine forever. The process is simple; you make a one-off payment of £190, and then relax.

A magnum will be delivered to your door each and every months, for the next six months. Imagine what new taste sensations you, or your gift recipient, will experience in this time?

If you are purchasing as a gift, allow us to handle the logistics. Just give us the delivery address and details of the individual, who we can only assume is your favourite person, and we’ll ensure that they’re fully informed.

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