The Magnum Company.

3 Month Magnum Subscription


The idea of enhancing our lives without leaving the house sounds like empty promises but imagine a world in which a magnum is delivered to your door on the first of every month, though. Now prepare yourself for the good news. 

The Magnum Company is introducing our new subscription service, making it easier than ever to provide the ultimate gift - or indeed, embrace unparalleled luxury. For a single, cost-effective payment, we'll arrange for a hand-selected magnum to be delivered on the first working day of each month.

That's all there is to it - all the recipient of a Magnum Company subscription needs to do is relax and wait for the welcome ring of their doorbell. Whether you're seeking the perfect wedding gift, aiming to mark an occasion, or simply broaden your own wine cellar over several months, take out a subscription. You’ll soon be delighted that you did so.

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