Quinta do Crasto

Quinta do Crasto Superior 2018, Douro, Portugal - 1.5l


Like any fine red wine, Crasto Douro Superior is an experience of multiple elements. The deep colour shade of the wine is visually appealing, and ghat delight is matched by the aroma. Fresh berries and spices mingle to create a scent that is sure to set your mouth watering. Thankfully, the bold flavour matches this expectations. Gentle on the palate with an impressive volume, this wine offers a fruity, lingering finish, with the tannins seemingly wrapped in a velvet glove. Immaculately balanced and effortlessly drinkable, this red wine is one of the finest choices available from the Iberian peninsula.


  • Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa


As a well-balanced red wine,  this vintage is best enjoyed with hearty winter fare. Pour yourself a glass alongside a perfectly grilled steak or a red meat stew and you will find the perfect accompaniment to your warming meal. Leave some for dessert, though; this wine is also an exemplary companion to a well-chosen cheese board.


Quinta do Crasto is located in the demarcated Douro region of Northern Portugal. This territory is the home of quality Portuguese wine, and Quinta do Crasto is among the most reputable labels of all, dating back to 17th Century. Today, the winery is run and managed by the de Almeida family, who balance their responsibility for creating reputable wines with tourism, open their their vineyard to the public. Located close to the scenic Douro river, the Quinta do Crasto vineyard delights and dedicates with a dedication to superior red and white production - all of which utilises classic and traditional techniques to ensure continued dedication to quality.

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