Foxdenton 48 London Dry Gin - 1.5


It’s not exactly breaking news to say that gin is in these days. While new distilleries and brands pop up on a seemingly daily basis, it’s hard to know who’s in it for the long haul. Foxdenton’s London Dry Gin has been on the market since 2010, but the Foxdenton Estate has been making its own alcohol for a couple of centuries. Seven organic botanicals give this London Dry Gin a full, round and smooth flavour profile. The blend of botanicals is led by juniper and coriander seeds, and balanced out with lemon peel, lime flower, angelica and orris root. The individual flavours come together to form a smooth and harmonious whole without losing their own special signature – the lemon peel in particular gives the gin a wonderfully crisp and refreshing bite.


  • Seven organic botanicals including juniper, coriander seeds, lemon peel, lime flower, angelica and orris root


Don’t let its 48% alcohol-by-volume fool you, this is seriously sippable when served neat. Naturally, it also makes a cracking G&T. Add a top quality tonic, a wedge of lemon and ice into the mix, and you won’t go wrong.


The Foxdenton Estate has been in the hands of the Radclyffe family and its ancestors since 1367. Since the 1800s, the estate has enjoyed a long association with hunting, shooting and field sports. This was thirsty work, and Foxdenton began to produce its own fruit liqueurs for the private consumption of its owners and visitors. Current proprietor Nicholas Radclyffe took the reins in 2001 and decided that Foxdenton’s old recipes should be reproduced on a larger scale for the enjoyment of others. After much meticulous trial and error, Foxdenton 48 London Dry Gin was launched in 2010, and is today joined by a range of British Gins to satiate any drinkers thirst.

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