Taylor’s Late-Bottled Vintage Port 2014 - 1.5l


The original LBV, and just maybe the best. When Taylor’s created the late-bottled vintage (LBV) style of Port, they did Port lovers everywhere a great service. Where vintage Port requires patience – a few decades of bottle ageing, LBV gets stuck right in and is good to go immediately after bottling. This 2014 LBV shows a deep ruby colour and a powerful nose of vibrant blackcurrant, cherry and dark fruit aromas with hints of spice and liquorice. In the mouth, it’s got bags of beautiful dark fruit flavours and supple tannins. There’s a lot of sugar and a lot of alcohol, but don’t worry: this is a seriously harmonious LBV and everything is in balance.


  • Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca Tinta Cão & Tinta Amarela


Taylor’s LBV is the quintessential nightcap Port to be enjoyed in good company, the perfect accompaniment to a late winter’s evening of contemplation and putting the world to rights. If you’re feeling peckish, keep it simple with some fresh goat’s cheese.




The house of Taylor’s has been among the major names in Port production since it was established back in 1692, and today is known as a leader in both vintage and LBV Ports. Taylor’s owns three legendary quintas in the Douro Valley - Junco, Terra Feita and Vargellas. Each property occupies a distinctive terroir and produces truly unique wines. These wines are selected and masterfully blended at Villa Nova de Gaia, destined to eventually become a Taylor’s Port.

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