Moët and Chandon

Moët Brut Impérial - 1.5l


Moët Impérial could be used as shorthand for class and elegance in the world of champagne. This magnum provides an embodiment of everything that makes life worth celebrating, combining intensity with subtle nuances to create a memorable champagne. The striking golden shade of the champagne is enough to tantalise any enthusiast, with the eyes enjoying the experience before the first sip is even taken. From here, things get even better; crisp notes of apple, pear and citrus give way to a refreshing floral sensation and hints of toasty broche and wild nut.


  • Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir


As is only fitting for such a complex champagne, the food pairing options of Moët Impérial  are wide and varied. Whether you’re enjoying a seafood dish, a fruit platter or a strong and mature selection of cheeses, this champagne will bring an additional touch of class to your dining experience.




Producing celebrated champagnes since 1743, few vineyards are as famed as that of Möet and Chandon. The growth area of this vineyard covers five of the most celebrated areas in the Champagne region, ensuring that only the very best ingredients make their way into the final product. Once harvested, the grapes are slowly fermented and allowed to mature, with the process managed by a substantial in-house team of experts led by Benoît Giuez, Möet’s Chef de Cave.

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