Croft Vintage Port 1975 - 1.5l


Not all wines get better with age, though vintage Port certainly does. Well past its 40th birthday, this 1975 vintage Port from Croft demonstrates how remarkably well wines of this calibre can age. Befitting its years, it shows a pale, tawny colour. The nose offers a lot of what textbooks call “tertiary” aromas – think old cigar boxes, honey, wild strawberry and some forest floor. In the mouth, it’s medium-bodied with notes of raisin, cherry and hints of white pepper. Life may not begin at 40, but this old girl certainly has some life in her yet.


  • Touriga Nacional


If there’s one thing better than old Port, it’s old Port served with old cheese. Get yourself a good mature blue – an aged Stilton or Roquefort – and indulge.




Port is an historic sort of business, with many of the great names dating back centuries. Croft is a particularly historic Port house, founded back in 1588 and today the oldest shipper still in the trade. Croft is renowned for its vintage Ports above all else, and that’s due in no small part to the quality of the fruit drawn from its flagship wine estate, Quinta da Roêda, home to some of the Douro Valley’s oldest vines.

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