Château Meyney

Ch. Meyney, St Estephe


St. Estèphe is the perfect choice for those that prefer a more medium-bodied red wine. The aroma of roasted nutmeg, salted caramel and vanilla will create an instant impression when this wine is uncorked, and the taste is an oaky, more earthbound experience for the palate. If you're seeking a drier red that does not overload the tongue with sensations of fruit, St. Estèphe is the way to go. It's most refreshing when served slightly cooled, at a temperature comparable to a storage cellar. 


  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot


One of the biggest selling points of St. Estèpheis its versatility. This red can be paired with any meat dish, though it's most impactful when accompanying veal, beef, lamb or duck. However, St. Estèphe brings a hearty and delicious fish or pasta-based dish to life and also compliments traditional Asian cuisine.




Dating back to the 17th Century, Château Meyney is one of the oldest vineyards of the celebrated Médoc region. The chateau has changed hands since the production of this turn-of-the-century vintage, acquired by powerhouses CA Grands Crus. Naturally, this means that a St Estephe 2000 will be the last opportunity to sample this unique and distinctive wine.

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